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Qualitfied psychotherapy practice in Lincoln, NE

People are often unclear about what happens in therapy, what the benefits of therapy are and for how long they may need to be in therapy for. Southpointe Family Resource Center PC in Lincoln will always communicate with you in a way that answers your questions and makes you feel at ease. Learn more about our psychotherapy practice below and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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How can therapy help me?

Therapy is not just for solving large problems in your life, it can help improve your level of functioning by increasing positive interpersonal skills, assist in teaching better coping skills and encouraging you to meet your full potential.

Healthy people often need a safe place to explore their thoughts and emotions; psychotherapy can provide opportunities for personal growth.
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What happens in therapy?

We work with our clients to create a better understanding of themselves and others, and as a result, be more sensitive to changes that you may wish to make.

The first few sessions will focus on gaining more information about issues you may be currently facing, and determining if the treatment provider is a good fit. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist for best results.

Middle sessions are determined by your unique goals for therapy and often examine past patterns of behaviors. Previous experiences can be an important factor in influencing your current situation, and we will work together for a more healthy future.

Deciding on ending therapy on a regular basis does not mean leaving therapy completely. Once you have reached your treatment goals, you are always welcome to return to treatment.
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How long do I need therapy?

Treatment goals are individualized to each unique client and depend on your personal goals. Therapy is typically on a weekly basis although sessions may be scheduled more frequently initially or if you are experiencing a significant life changes. After seeing improvements, clients may come every other week or check in on a monthly or quarterly basis. You are welcome to discuss your ideas about session frequency with your treatment provider.

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