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"Mental health services to strengthen families and build futures".

Compassionate marriage and  family therapy in Lincoln, NE

Southpointe Family Resource Center PC is here to help those in the Lincoln and surrounding community when they experience mental health issues. Whether it is an individual, couple or a family with feelings of stress, depression, anxiety or other issue, our individual , marital and family therapy sessions can help to improve lives.
Woman having stress

Stress, depression and anxiety

Many people experience feelings of stress, depression and anxiety at some point in their lives. You may fee like you are stuck in a bad position and just don't know how to get out of it. Changing our circumstance and perspective can be difficult, so it often helps to reach out to professionals in mental health services who have the knowledge to help you change your life. Contact our caring professionals today. 
Girl improved her communication skills in Lincoln

Improving communication skills

Communication skills are critical to developing and sustaining good interpersonal relationships, whether they be with a partner, family members, friends or colleagues. Sometimes it helps to learn how we can improve our communication techniques, so that we can lead a happier and healthier life with those around us.
Satisfied woman

Healthy body satisfaction

Everyone's body is different and feeling good about one's body is an important part of life. It affects your physical and psychological well-being in conscious and sub-conscious ways. At our practice, we'll help you to understand your feelings and to develop ways of keeping a healthy balance in your life, whether you are dealing with an eating disorder, chronic or intense pain or another type of issue.

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